Let´s play outside!

Outside Toys
What do you play with outside?

Let´s go outside and have some fun

Listen and repeat, here we go

Ball, ball,
Bat, bat
Hula hoop, hula hoop
Jump rope, jump rope
Scooter, scooter
Tricycle, tricycle
Bicycle, bicycle
Unicycle, unicycle

Good, next listen and repeat the phrase
Are you ready?
Here we go

Ball, ball, I can bounce a ball.
Bat, bat, I can swing a bat.
Hula hoop, hula hoop I can hula hoop.
Jump rope, jump rope, I can jump rope.
Scooter, scooter, I can ride a scooter.
Tricycle, tricycle, I can ride a tricycle.
Bicycle, bicycle, I can ride a bicycle.
Unicycle, unicycle, I can ride a unicycle.

By ELF Kids Video


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